Oct. 2020

Does it function properly? Does it function properly? Does it function properly?

Takehito Goto/Onscreen Production Divison/Web Designer

Choosing what to convey so that the essence is never blurred

Takehito Goto

Onscreen Production Divison/Web Designer

Born in 1988. Graduated from the Department of Visual Media in the Faculty of Media and Design at the Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences. Worked for a web production company before joining Nippon Design Center in 2016. Goto designs cross-cutting onscreen media including websites such as FONTPLUS and Fontwork that utilize both designer and engineer perspectives, and the animated Osaka Metro logo. His interests include portrait photography and playing with synthesizers.

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Hello, my name is Takehito Goto and I am a web designer. While my primary focus is on web design and implementation, I also create motion graphics. In my work, I am always conscious of functional design. For example, with websites, creating a feeling with programming. With video, working with the pacing and speed of movement and the spaces in between. Incorporating fine details like these creates a different feeling and breathes life into the work, allowing the concept and intention behind the design to be conveyed correctly. However, there is a risk that these details will also become a distraction, so I try to avoid things that can be excessive. Extract only what needs to be conveyed so that the essence is never blurred— I design based around this idea.

While working remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic means greater physical distance, I believe that our personalities are now easier to recognize and see. So, in some ways, the distance between us has actually diminished. Someone we meet for the first time during an online meeting has an image of a cat as their desktop background. The image that we have of that person changes. These little details that we notice are interesting. The world has changed in significant ways, but I do not think of it so pessimistically. Rather, I think it has given us a chance to rethink our previous concept of common sense.

The Web is fast-paced—it evolves incredibly quickly. New technologies always appear out of this evolution. These technologies often affect content, leading to the creation of new things. I think that if the experience of making something changes, the experience of that output will also change. Some call this the reinvention of the wheel, but creating a tool can allow something new to come into focus. In that sense, I would like to eventually create a system that creates new things.

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