Nov. 2022

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Satoshi Muraki/Producer/Production Department

Connecting people and things in the process of creating something

Satoshi Muraki

Producer/Production Department

Born in 1981. After graduating with a major in Sociology from the Faculty of Letters at Chuo University, Muraki worked at a production company before joining the Nippon Design Center in 2018. After working in the Video Planning Office of the On-Screen Creative Division, he now works in the Production Department. Every morning, Muraki’s day begins by brewing a cup of coffee at home. On the weekends, he likes to grow vegetables at a farm near his home. But neglecting to tend to the gardens means he has to pull weeds just as much.

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Hello, my name is Satoshi Muraki.

I am a producer at the Nippon Design Center. In my previous position, I specialized in photos and videos, but now I am in charge of all areas where design functions. Being involved from the very starting point of a project together with the production staff is both challenging and a pleasure.

MUJI’s “Pleasant, somehow” corporate message campaign, which was centered around the idea of various forms of cleaning around the world, began with research together with designers and writers. We discussed the key points we needed to convey and whether certain activities could be considered cleaning or not. Then we had to clear numerous hurdles to bring it all together—finding locations in various countries, negotiating with the appearing individuals, confirming rights, and so on. It was a great pleasure to roll out our hard work across multiple formats, including videos, in-store visuals, and books.

If you bring together professionals, I believe 1+1 doesn’t give you just 2 but can lead to 3, 4, or 5. As a producer, I always aim to serve as a link between people and things in the process of creating something. Whether it’s as a driver or a camera assistant, I want to be someone who can easily fill in any gaps. At meetings, keeping in mind the perspectives of the client and the users, I like to offer frank, unaffected opinions. My hope is that these will lead to new insights among the team.

In my private life, I have been learning about coffee lately. In the past, I didn’t drink it, but a cup brewed for me by someone I met through work changed my mind. As I investigated differences in production areas and roasting methods, I was able to make new connections. Be it work or hobbies, having a wide variety of interests and talking to people leads to new discoveries, which in turn become the opportunity to learn something else. I hope to create such positive loops.

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