Nippon Design Center showreel 2021

Creative Director :Hara Kenya
Art Director: Daikoku Daigo
Movie Director:Fukao Taiki
Designer:Tomon Mika
CG:Saito Yuuki, Yamasaki Kosho
Producer:Kawahara Shogo, Matsunaga Haru

The mission of the Nippon Design Center is to provide corporate and organizational clients with the highest quality management resources through design in which the work is identifying the fundamental nature of a thing, and the skill is fashioning a visible form for it.
Facing maturity as a nation, Japan has begun exploring new industries that not only make things but also generate value. What kind of work generates value, and how can value be expressed most clearly? We strive for work in which we accurately pin down the essence of an object or issue while being extremely aware of the source of its value.
Our resources are twofold--the Japanese aesthetic: delicate, subtle, thorough and concise; and the technology that paves the path to the future. By creating both objects and happenings, we move forward on this pair of resources. Particularly with the communication of information, we stress flexible intellect and creativity in the rational use and assimilation of leading technology.


Osaka Metro

Client : Osaka Metro Co., Ltd.
Creative Director : Irobe Yoshiaki
Art Director : Irobe Yoshiaki
Designer : Matsuda Sayoko,Goto Takehito(Motion Logo)
Copy Director : Kawahara Ryoko
Copywrighter : Sawai Keiichi
Producer : Hayasaka Yasuko,Hoshinoya Akira
Agent : Kansai Branch, Jeki


Art Director : Daikoku Daigo
Designer : Tomon Mika


Art Director​ : :Daikoku Daigo
Designer​ : Tomon Mika


Motion Graphic

Art Director​​ : Daikoku Daigo
Designer​ : Tomon Mika


Motion Graphic

Nippon Design Center