Nippon Design Center, Inc. (“NDC” or “we”) is committed to the protection of your personal information. We have established this Policy for Personal Information Protection as shown below and a structure for safeguarding your personal data, and we make sure that all employees are fully aware of the importance of personal information and security measures required for its protection.

1|Management of personal information

In an effort to keep our customers’ data accurate and up to date and to prevent unauthorized access, loss, damage, tampering, leaks and other security breaches, we administer thorough control over personal information by implementing appropriate security measures and taking necessary actions such as the maintenance of our security system, improvements in the way we manage the system, and training and education to fully familiarize our employees with security-related issues.

2|Purpose of use

Personal information we collect from customers may be used for the following purposes:

  • To obtain opinions and comments from customers;
  • To respond to customer inquiries and requests for materials;
  • To conduct market research and to develop new services;
  • To provide information on events and seminars;
  • To deliver e-mail marketing communications and publications;
  • To provide information on products and services carried by NDC and its affiliates, among others;
  • To provide information on recruitment, to select candidates for positions and to conduct recruitment-related surveys
  • For other uses incidental or related to NDC’s business.

3|No disclosure or provision of personal information to third parties

We manage personal information collected from customers in an appropriate manner and will not disclose personal information to third parties, except where:

  • The relevant customer has consented to the disclosure or provision;
  • Information is disclosed to contractors we engage for the provision of services which the relevant customer has requested; and,
  • Disclosure is required pursuant to a law or ordinance.

4|Measures to safeguard personal information

NDC takes necessary security measures to ensure the accuracy and safety of personal information

5|Oversight over employees’ and contractors’ use of personal information

① NDC administers training and education to NDC’s employees to ensure the implementation of measures for secure management and appropriate handling of personal information.
② NDC may, in the course of its business activity, engage third parties for the handling of private information in whole or in part. In the selection of contractors, NDC makes sure that contractors so selected are capable of treating personal information properly. Matters relating to the handling of personal information include, among others, security measures, confidentiality obligations and conditions on subcontracting, are appropriately set forth in contracts. Moreover, NDC provides necessary and appropriate oversight.

6|Customer’s request to obtain disclosure

A customer may request the disclosure, correction, deletion or other actions regarding the personal information provided thereby, and NDC will respond to such request upon confirming the identity of the party making such request.

7|Compliance with laws and regulations and review of this Policy

NDC complies with the laws of Japan and other regulations applicable to the personal information it holds and reviews this policy from time to time in an effort to bring improvement.

8|Contact for inquiries

Nippon Design Center, Inc. Public Relations