Jan. 2022

A Producer, Actively Involved A Producer, Actively Involved A Producer, Actively Involved

Kento Yamamura/Producer/Producer Division

Doing whatever I can to help

Kento Yamamura

Producer/Producer Division

Born in Shizuoka Prefecture in 1980. After working at a production company, Yamamura joined the Nippon Design Center in 2017. Works as a producer primarily in charge of video-related projects for Toyota Motor, Lexus (Toyota’s luxury brand), Nikon, Asahi, and more. Yamamura is never one to stand still while out shooting.

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Hello, my name is Kento Yamamura. I am a producer at the Nippon Design Center. Given my previous work experience in video, I am primarily responsible for video-related projects. In many cases, I hold a position closer to the production side of things when working on projects rather than the business side of things. I try not to think of myself as a producer; instead, I actively do whatever I can to help. As a hub for our projects, I assign various staff members and come up with ideas for plans. I aim to be involved in the project together with the production staff.

In doing this work, communication with the production staff is especially important. Understanding staff members’ ideas and being behind them is critical for creativity and for ensuring that the project moves smoothly. No matter how short or trivial, I always exchange a few words with others when I see them at work. I find doing so important to understand their thoughts.

Recently, I oversaw a brand video for Nikon, and this video was composed of live-action and animated segments. The video itself used four different animated segments. Normally, we would work to develop a cohesive sensibility, but with this project we asked animators with different styles to draw in their own styles. Therefore, it was necessary to grasp how the four illustrators’ work was moving forward and to incorporate this into the schedule for the project. I had to schedule proactively and always be conscious of how the work was moving forward. It was a rewarding experience.

I am shy at times, but I think communication and maintaining relationships with others will always be important. Going forward, I will continue to work closely with our clients and use my planning abilities, creativity, and technical skills to create and satisfy our clients. Videos are more and more commonplace today, but I believe working with clients to meet their needs will always be of valued.

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