Feb. 2019

Think of oneself and one’s team Think of oneself and one’s team Think of oneself and one’s team

Nao Fujiwara/Chief Producer, No. 4 Design Studio, Design Division/Creative Director/Art Director

Aiming for an environment where each individual can exercise their strengths

Nao Fujiwara

Chief Producer, No. 4 Design Studio, Design Division/Creative Director/Art Director

Born in 1978. Fujiwara joined Nippon Design Center in 2002 after graduating from Kyoto Seika University’s Faculty of Art. Having worked at the Sasaki Design Institute and No. 2 Design Studio, she is now a member of the No. 4 Design Studio since 2017. She is currently Chief Producer and is involved as both a player and manager. She handled the PRIUS catalog in 2015, branding for Wacoal’s PARFAGE and Lebel’s Moii starting in 2017, and logo design for the Urawa Reds in 2018.

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Hello, my name is Nao Fujiwara. I am a creative director at Nippon Design Center.

When working on a project, I believe that as long as the core of the brand is firmly in place, any product or media format is possible. Design is how you control these. Design can be felt in the details. And sometimes it can only be communicated when you see the larger whole. It is important to have a general sense and be able to express ideas in an easy-to-understand manner in any given situation. For me personally, the time spent thinking prior to creating is the most fun. In fact, it is often my role to solidify the foundation of the brand.

I currently work as both a player and a manager, so every day I strive to facilitate good teamwork based on my own positive and negative experiences. I look at what individuals excel at, where people struggle, and where they have done solid work. Looking closely at these, I assign the optimum staff for projects. An optimal environment is where we can cover each other’s weaknesses by following up where needed and exercise our own unique strengths.

The most important thing is obtaining results. Recently, we have been working to visualize and share the results required by clients and the goals that we set ourselves for each project. In addition, we aim to try new things and expand the areas in which we work. Working positively on those things in front of me, I sincerely want to increase the work we do that can take advantage of each individual team member. Five years later, ten years later, I want everyone to be capable of a higher level of work.

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