Feb. 2016

What I want to accomplish in my job What I want to accomplish in my job What I want to accomplish in my job

Kocha Katsumi/Director, Administration Division

My ultimate goal is to create company rules that make best use of the NDC strengths.

Kocha Katsumi

Director, Administration Division

Born in Kimitsu City, Chiba Prefecture in 1964, Kocha Katsumi worked at accounting offices, venture businesses, and other places before joining NDC as the assistant director of the Administration Division in 2011. His interests include running in natural environments, and he has twice completed the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc – the world’s top trail race. In 2015, he also ran in the 330 km Tor de Geants endurance race through the mountains of Italy. He enjoys setting goals and working to achieve them in everything he does.

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Hello, I am Kocha Katsumi, director of the Administration Division. My job is overall direction of the accounting, general affairs, human resources, computer administration, environment support, and PR activities that are affiliated with the Administration Division. I create environments and rules that allow employees to work more easily, and provide support so that business operates smoothly.

Before I joined NDC, I thought that a design company would be filled entirely with the kind of people who always turn left when told to turn right. In fact, there are a lot of very serious people. Perhaps they are serious about their commitment to design, but they are entirely unwilling to compromise when it comes to quality. I think that is one of our strengths. However because we are a company with around 300 employees, some degree of structure is necessary. I want to make possible daily operations that make use of this dedication to quality, while also following the company rules. That is my ultimate goal at this company. I have less than 10 years left until I reach retirement age, and during that period I want to accomplish what I set out to do.

In my private life, I enjoy running in the mountains or through city streets. In fact, although I do not dislike running, neither do I particularly like it. If I was not necessary to run, then I would be quite happy not running. There are moments when it is fun. I suppose that is due to the adrenaline. Although those moments are fun, what is it really that is fun about running? I do not know. Of course there is a sense of achievement when you achieve a target race time or some objective that you set for yourself. However that feeling of accomplishment is something completely different from liking or not liking something.

I like setting goals. A person has to set a goal and then work toward achieving it. Both with work and with running, if you notice that that your goal is wrong, you can use that realization to correct your course of action. However if you do not set a goal at the beginning, you will not move forward.

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