無印良品 広島アルパーク オープンビジュアル
無印良品 広島アルパーク オープンビジュアル

Jun 21, 2022

MUJI Hiroshima Alpark

We handled the main visuals and tabloids announcing the new store, which has the largest sales floor area of any MUJI store in the world.

Based on graphics depicting healthy people, we created two types of visuals with a different focus to their message. For situations around town and online that only get a quick glance, the graphics conveyed the store's diversity of services, going far beyond home, food, and clothing. For the tabloids, which people are able to read and study at leisure, we communicated the store's concept and philosophy.

This approach comprehensively covered the appeal of MUJI Hiroshima Alpark, demonstrating its depth and breadth along with its approach of assisting with all facets of life, rather than just addressing people's retail shopping needs.
AD: Kenya Hara
D: Hana Yazaki
C: Karen Asai
Ph: Riko Okaniwa
Pr: Satoshi Muraki, Haru Matsunaga
NHK「デザインをつかむ ― 原研哉の目線から」出演
NHK「デザインをつかむ ― 原研哉の目線から」出演

Jun 17, 2022

日本各地の暮らしに根づくデザインを、 その土地出身のデザイナーの目線で見つめ直す、 NHK地方局が制作する番組に原研哉が出演します。 原が出演するのは出身地の岡山編です。 180年以上にわたって地元で親しまれる大手まんぢゅう、 大地の恵みと人の手技が生んだ、千年以上の歴史をもつ備前焼、 そして、世界屈指のシェアを誇るナカシマプロペラ。 この3つに通底するデザインの本質を探りました。 中国地方での反響を受けて、 全国版衛星放送で再放送されます。 放送日 BS1再放送6月19日 放送時間:0時55分〜 https://www.nhk.jp/p/ts/2ZG97LMMWQ/episode/te/M875XJZP95/ ...
上田義彦写真集『ポルトレ 普及版』発売
上田義彦写真集『ポルトレ 普及版』発売

Jun 14, 2022

Book launch: PORTRAIT (Popular edition)—Yoshihiko Ueda

Yoshihiko Ueda has published a popular edition of PORTRAIT, his portfolio of portrait photographs taken in the twentieth century or the early twenty-first century and featuring thirty-eight people who were masters in their own fields. The popular edition is augmented by a number of previously unpublished photographs and by notes that he made when the photographs were taken, providing a faithful and detailed record of the photo sessions. With 312 pages in a compact format, this is an impressive monograph.
As with the previous edition, Hara Design Institute handled the book design.

PORTRAIT (Popular edition)
Publisher: Tabata Shoten
On sale: June 1, 2022
Price: 4,950 yen

The book can be purchased online at the following sites.
Aoyama Book Center
HMV&BOOKS online
Rakuten Books
Books Kinokuniya
AD: Kenya Hara
D: Kenya Hara, Yukie Inoue
TAKEO NTラシャ 中華圏プロモーション
TAKEO NTラシャ 中華圏プロモーション

Jun 10, 2022

TAKEO NT RASHA promotion for Greater China

In conjunction with the launch of NT RASHA in China, HARA Design Institute handled the sales promotion video for Greater China.

Focusing on NT RASHA in three colors--MUKU, KOIAKA, and SHIKKOKU--the promotion video conveys the texture of delicate paper and the beauty of its colors by showing it being manufactured, processed, and given form.

Paper blocks were also created using the colors MUKU, KOIAKA, and SHIKKOKU. The objects incorporate ingenious cutting processes to convey the charm and appeal of these papers within a sculptural form.

TAKEO NT RASHA promotion video
AD: Kenya Hara
D: Kenya Hara, Kaoru Matsuno, Xin Zhong, Hiroshi Hosokawa, Yuina Suzuki
Movie: Rui Hosokawa, Hiroshi Hosokawa, Xin Zhong
Movie Editor: Hiroshi Hosokawa, Xin Zhong
Sound Engineer: Osao Hori*
Pr: Satoshi Muraki

May 30, 2022


HOUSE VISION is an exhibition that considers the house as the intersection of diverse industries, providing a platform for discovering new growth areas. In 2022, the fourth HOUSE VISION exhibition is being held in the suburbs of Seoul, South Korea.

The theme is Agriculture. The exhibition is organized in partnership with MANNA CEA, a pioneer in aquaponics-- a high-efficiency agricultural practice combining aquaculture and hydroponics. It presents designs for a new life-style environment in the suburbs backed by high-tech agriculture.

The exhibition explores new ways of living and new forms of sufficiency outside the city by returning to the origins of agriculture--capturing solar energy as food through the power of plants.

Dates: Thursday, May 5 - Saturday, June 18, 2022
Venue: root square (599-80, Iwol-myeon, Jincheon-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do)
Website: https://house-vision.kr/
Direct inquiries to: kr.housevision@gmail.com

1. Jageun-Jip--House for small living
MANNA CEA x Wook Choi
2. Meta-Farm Units
MANNA CEA x Sungjin Min
3. Yeoga--A space for recovery expressed by Korean aesthetics
MANNA CEA x AUROI x Kisang Gio
4. Cultivation House
MANNA CEA x Daekyun Kim
5. Plain House
MUJI x Kenya Hara
6. 100% Kitchen
MANNA CEA x Woowa Brothers x Hoonyoung Na
A. Breathing House
Corning Incorporated x Byoungsoo Cho
B. Metaphase house for rural life
MANNA CEA x Taebyung Lim
C. New Arc
MANNA CEA x Bongyu Song
D. Local Life Mobility
BO MARKET x Bora Yoo
1-6. Constructed houses (physical exhibition)
A-D. Conceptual houses (gallery exhibition)
Organizer: HOUSE VISION Executive Committee, MANNA CEA*
Production / progress: Project Design Group*, Nippon Design Center
Creative Direction: Kenya Hara
Planning / Administration: Kaoru Matsuno
Publicity / Management: Reiko Yamaguchi, Jieun Kim
Pr: Yoshifumi Nabeta, Satoshi Muraki
Architectural design (Plain House): Takumi Muraoka, Juree Sae-lee
Product design (Plain House): Hiroyuki Sato
Graphic: Yukiyo Nemoto
Editorial: Shimpei Nakamura, Tomoko Nishi
Movie: Hiroshi Hosokawa
C: Ryuji Kumagai
CG: Kenichi Hashimoto*, Mamino Nakajima*
Food styling (Salad): Kimiko Hiyamizu*
P (Salad): Takashi Sekiguchi*
P (Exhibition): Donggyu Kim*, Dongwoong Lee*, Junki You*
書籍『この旅館をどう立て直すか 瀬戸内デザイン会議−1 2021 宮島篇』発売

May 06, 2022

Book launch: Inter-local Design Conference--1: Specialists Discuss the Revitalization of Japanese Ryokan in Setouchi Area
The first Inter-local Design Conference was held at the end of October 2021 to discuss the revitalization of Japan's tourism industry. The venue was the Kurayado Iroha ryokan, an inn on the island of Miyajima in the Seto Inland Sea. CCC Media House has now published a record of the conference discussions in book form. Guided by the practical theme of revitalizing a Japanese ryokan, participants with diverse roles and experiences--including business leaders, designers, architects, editors, writers, contemporary artists, investors, data analysts, an airport operator, the proprietress of a traditional ryotei restaurant, and a Buddhist chief priest--brought together their ideas and shared their visions. The outcome of the conference was a clearer view of how to produce the value required for tourism's new context. The text of the book is in Japanese.

Inter-local Design Conference--1: Specialists Discuss the Revitalization of Japanese Ryokan in Setouchi Area
Publisher: CCC Media House
On sale: April 15, 2022
Price: 2,090 yen

The book can be purchased online at the following sites.
Books Kinokuniya
Seven Net Shopping
HMV&BOOKS online Rakuten Books
TSUTAYA online

Apr 14, 2022

Teikuhiko, High Resolution Tour / Shaping Japan for the Future book on sale

Teikuhiko has turned into a book. It features re-edited text based on the series of blog entries on the Teikuhiko | HIGH RESOLUTION TOUR website, as well as new content. The Teikuhiko project, which travels throughout Japan extensively exploring the entire country, functions as basic research for the purpose of ruminating on the natural environment and culture of Japan. Based on experiences from this project, the book focuses on a new vision for Japan's tourism industry, exploring the value Japan has to offer the world within a global context.

Teikuhiko, High Resolution Tour / Shaping Japan for the Future
Language: Japanese (Japanese title: Teikuhiko--Kono Kuni no Katachi e)
Publisher: Iwanami Shoten
On sale: April 14, 2022
Price: 2,530 yen

The book can be purchased online at the following sites.
Books Kinokuniya
Seven Net Shopping
HMV&BOOKS online
Rakuten Books
TSUTAYA online

Apr 12, 2022

Setouchi Triennale 2022

The Setouchi Triennale is being held for the fifth time in 2022. HARA Design Institute has handled the design of the main visuals and communication tools for the triennale ever since its debut.

The elderly residents of the islands are this year's theme. Having people, particularly the energetic elderly residents of the islands, don sunglasses as a metaphor for art expresses the desire for this triennale to be bright and sunny--a holiday festival, not an everyday one. Wearing art makes people perk up and look livelier. It's an exceptionally up-beat message from Setouchi to the entire world.

Graphics keyed to the main visuals build up and enliven the art festival, serving as fun images that draw on the energy and charm of the elderly residents.

The app has been improved with innovations including a guidance system that helps visitors find the best routes between the many artworks scattered across the islands, enhancing the enjoyment of the Setouchi Triennale experience.

Setouchi Triennale 2022
Spring: Thursday, April 14 - Wednesday, May 18
Summer: Friday, August 5 - Sunday, September 4
Autumn: Thursday, September 29 - Sunday, November 6
AD: Kenya Hara
D: Kenya Hara, Hana Yazaki, Xin Zhong
Ph: Yoshihiko Ueda*
HM: Eri Akamatsu*
St: Mana Yamamoto*
APP Developer: scheme verge*
Pr: Yoshifumi Nabeta
クラシコム VIリニューアル
クラシコム VIリニューアル

Feb 24, 2022

「北欧、暮らしの道具店」などを運営する株式会社クラシコムの、 VIおよびWebサイトのリニューアル、コーポレートフォントの作成を、 原デザイン研究所が担当しました。 極めて簡素な造形のシンボルマークは、 無色透明でありながら、揺るぎない安定性を持ち、 どんなイメージをも受け入れ、人々の思いや暮らしに寄り添える、 ブランドの姿を反映した形を模索しました。 コーポレートフォント「KURASHICOM FONT」は、 堂々と中庸でありながら、明快な個性を醸し出すこと、 その両立をテーマに設計しています。 可読性と汎用性を保ちつつ、 ブランドアイデンティティーをより広く展開できるような、 幾何学的な強さを持ったフォントに仕上がりました。 VIは2月24日より、順次展開されます。 また、新コーポレートサイトは以下リンクよりご覧いただけます。 クラシコム Webサイト https://kurashicom.jp...

Feb 15, 2022

Chair development project with Hida Sangyo

With cooperation from Hida Sangyo, Kenya Hara has created chairs that fit in well with traditional Japanese-style rooms. Called SUWARI (Japanese meaning "sit"), the line of chairs features legs that spread the weight to reduce the load on tatami mats and other traditional floors. Each chair adds comfort and style to sitting in different situations.

The entire line-up is on display at the international hotel and restaurant show HOTERES JAPAN at Tokyo Big Sight from February 15, 2022.

Sales are scheduled to begin in June. More details will be posted here when confirmed.

Hida Sangyo Co., Ltd. website