Kenya Hara special feature in Design Note magazine No.86

In 2004, a Kenya Hara feature in Idea magazine presented the basis of Hara’s approach to design. The same publisher, Seibundo Shinkosha, has now produced a special feature edition of Design Note magazine to cover the trajectory of Hara’s career over the decade and a half following the Idea feature. During that period, the scope of his projects has expanded, encompassing major projects such HOUSE VISION, JAPAN HOUSE, and Teikuhiko in addition to fields such as visual identity, branding, and product development. Projects also cover a greater range of scales. In addition to past and current work, the feature looks ahead, presenting new ideas and further developments.

Pb: Seibundo Shinkosha Publishing Co., Ltd.
Production Cooperation: Kenya Hara+Hara Design Institute Nippon Design Center, Inc.
Cover Photo: Yoshihiko Ueda

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