Japan Heritage: Hitoyoshi Kuma

We are assisting Hitoyoshi Kuma in southern Kumamoto Prefecture to develop its communications tools. The district was ruled by consistently by the same family, the Sagara clan, for an unbroken period of about 700 years from the Kamakura period to the Meiji Restoration. As a result, many cultural assets were passed down and still survive, remaining part of the context for residents' daily lives. 'Japan Heritage' alongside the name of the district refers to intangible cultural assets recognized by the Agency for Cultural Affairs as being part of stories on Japanese cultures and tradition. Hitoyoshi Kuma was the first story to be recognized by the agency, back in 2015.

Japan's Greatest Hidden Village Poster

Poster for a symposium on Japan Heritage-Hitoyoshi Kuma, held in Hitoyoshi Kuma. The Hitoyoshi basin is a depression in the center of Kyushu that seems to have been formed by pressing down a large thumb. Its topography is unique, surrounded on all sides by steep mountains, and often covered by mist that adds to its charm, and these characteristics are incorporated into the poster.
AD: Kenya Hara
D: Kenya Hara, Hiroaki Kawanami, Megumi Kajiwara,
Shimpei Nakamura, Tomoko Nishi
C: Kyoko Nagase
PR: Terutaka Suzuki*, Yoshifumi Nabeta