Takamatsu Art Museum Takamatsu Art Museum

The symbol mark of the Takamatsu Art Museum in Kagawa Prefecture uses the acronym, TAM, to express the cityscape of Takamatsu and the islands of the Seto Inland Sea. The tallest element, T, represents Takamatsu's Symbol Tower, and the A and M represent the island vista. Combined with the museum's Japanese logotype, it forms a signature that evokes views from on board a ship sailing on the Inland Sea. We designed several variations of the signature to create a variety of distant and close-up scenes.

1. Motion graphics Motion Graphic

Online and on-screen graphics use the movement of intersecting islands to communicate a dynamic scenery.

2. Communication tools Applications

Variations of the signature function as communication tools for different applications by modifying the image for the initial T, sometimes appearing as a tower soaring high over the city, at other times appearing as a lighthouse at the end of a promontory.

3. Three-dimensional logotype VI System

The TAM logo becomes a monument placed at the entrance to the art museum. The familiar and approachable three-dimensional logotype provides a cheerful welcome to visitors.

4. Signage plan Sign System

The signage was revamped along with the interior. To give the impression of guiding visitors through the museum in a calm, relaxed manner, we used arrows that are not pointed.
Motion Graphic, Applications, VI System, Sign System
AD: Kenya Hara
D: Kenya Hara, Yumi Uehara
Cl: Takamatsu Art Museum