Umeda Hospital Umeda Hospital

Is it possible to design cleanliness? The reason first-rate restaurants use white tablecloths is to point out to patrons that service includes first-rate cleanliness. Just as in these establishments, in a hospital, cleanliness indicates service. We go on to identify something that creates a sense of both trust and security.

1. Washable Signs Applications

Just like sheets and white gloves, all the signs are easily laundered and changed; a soiled one is soon replaced by a clean one. Cloth signs are not only soft but also easily maintained.

2. Like taking off socks VI System

Ten years have passed since the production and installation of the Umeda Hospital signage system. At present, the moderately priced cloth part of the signs is being renewed, leaving the hardware untouched, and restoring the hospital to its original beauty.
VI System, Applications
AD: Kenya Hara
D: Kenya Hara,Yukie Inoue
Patterner: Masayo Takeda