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Mori Building is a corporation dedicated to creating "Vertical Garden Cities," an urban developer formalizing that vision in Japan and other parts of Asia. At Hara Design Institute, we have been in conversation with the client since the days of former president Minoru Mori, and have been visualizing the concept through the VI program. This program ranges from creating the symbol mark to continuous quality improvement, including updating the signs on existing buildings.

1. Look up VI System

This mark, expressing a city of skyscrapers to which to turn your upward gaze, symbolizes the viewpoint of Mori Building, whose goal is to help create highly efficient highrise “garden cities”. Along with the creation of the unique Mori Building Font in 2010, we’ve been helping steadily improve and enhance the client’s visual identity, including renovations to existing building signs with low-profile, self-illuminating signs.

2. Publicize quality Sign System

The leased office buildings of this client, nicknamed and known as “number buildings” for the naming method (always a number, never a name), have been renovated over the past few years, giving birth to even higher quality. Signs for these renovated buildings are symbols of their improved quality.

3. Grow, integrate ARK HILLS VI System

On the occasion of the renewal of Ark Hills marking the 20th anniversary of Japan’s first mixed-use private redevelopment project, we created a new visual identity: “+”. This symbolizes that cities undergo a continuous process of transformation: The “+” of the convergence of trees in a mature area; the “+” of the integration of urban functions like dining, living, business, relaxation, play, study and medicine; the “+” that connects people, workplaces, and Tokyo to the world; the “+” of the accumulation of rich times and experiences.
VI System, Sign System
CD: Kenya Hara
AD: Kenya Hara
D: Kenya Hara, Yukie Inoue, Rie Shimoda, Akiko Uematsu, Daigo Daikoku, Shimpei Nakamura,Takao Minamidate, Junya Maejima