Dashilar Dashilar

Dashilar is a district covering about 1.5 square kilometers on the southern side of Beijing's Tianenmen Square. Even today, the area is packed with low-slung traditional quadrangle-type houses with inner courtyards. In order to invite attention to the revitalization and development taking place while preserving the architecture, and to stir the interest of visitors to this district, we focused on expressing the area as a charming and cohesive "zone".

VI system designed to read the city VI System

We turned the architecture of the whole area into 3D data so that viewers would be able to understand the area’s atmosphere at a glance. In addition to a physical map and signs, we developed an original app with a street view feature so that users would be able to know the city’s atmosphere from every angle. We developed a variety of communication tools that would make visitors want to actively walk the area.

Memento-worthy map Application

In addition to being distributed free of charge, the map was developed as wrapping paper, coasters, shopping bags and more, functioning as a memento of having visited this place. The red ink on the beige background, traditionally representing China and integrity,was chosen to help viewers feel familiar with China’s traditional neighborhoods.
VI Application Sign System
AD: Kenya Hara
D: Kenya Hara, Hiroaki Kawanami, Hiroyuki Saito, Sohei Takimi
P: Ryo Tanaka
PR: Fan Yang