Grace Koshu Wine Bottle Grace Koshu Wine Bottle

The authentic Grace Winery in Yamanashi Prefecture is among the few Japanese wineries where they produce wine from the internationally acclaimed Koshu variety. The label, with its blade-shaped etchings, imparts an aroma of maturity and ripening, thanks to the copper plate edge and faint shadow. The label is centered on the lower part of the bottle, leaving a portion of the bottle's body visible. The label presents the brand name and a clear description in Japanese of the wine producing region. By maintaining Japanese individuality in the context of the world's wine culture, we rather intend to demonstrate a high level of internationalism and identity.

AD: Kenya Hara
D: Kenya Hara, Rie Shimoda, Tomoko Komazawa, Kanako Ohashi
Cl: Grace Winery Co.Ltd.
D: Kenya Hara, Rie Shimoda, Sachiko Iwabuchi, Satoko Hinomizu,
Tomoko Komazawa, Kanako Ohashi