Collection of Tokyo University


Specimens for research such as skeletal specimens and specimens immersed in fluid are so fascinating that they thrill the senses and cause people to automatically stop and stare. Professor Yoshiaki Nishino from the Tokyo University Museum is a man who deeply understands the fascination and the beauty of specimen. Hara proposed that he have photographer Yoshihiko Ueda to take pictures of museum specimens, resulting in this book.
Specimens are obviously not data but material, or substance. This book was designed from the idea that if this is to be a book that inherits that power to fascinate, shouldn’t it give off the brilliance of those objects? Fitting neatly into an acrylic case 10mm thick, the book was made in an extremely unusual format. The many photographs of the specimens were subsequently returned to the specimen case.


AD:Kenya Hara
D:Kenya Hara,Sawako Ino
PH:Yoshihiko Ueda
Producer:Yoshiaki Nishino
CL:The University Museum,The Uiversity of Tokyo