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We performed a redesign of the FONTPLUS web service based on the theme of “Fast UX.” We were responsible for everything, from strategy development to its finalization.We designed the service to give the user the feeling that they are using a large-format font sample book, making fonts shine through without interfering with users during their careful selection of fonts.The redesign also pays special attention to typography while at the same time featuring a design that leaves elements such as color and size up to the user.


SoftBank Technology Corp.

Creative Director

Sekiguchi Yutaka

Art Director / Designer

Goto Takehito

Web Developer

Kataoka Sei*,Kawai Rei*,Konno Seiya*,Shimizu Noriyuki*,Tanifuji Keiichi*, Mori Koichiro*,Mori Jun*,Yasuda Yuhei*,Yasutomo Hiroaki*,Suzuki Takeru*,Marco Solazzi*

Content Director / Planner / Writer

Tsuchiya Ryoko*

UX Designer

Suzuki Kenichi*

Motion Grapher

Goto Takehito


Tsuruta Tomoko

Account Manager

Nakamura Sunao*

Producer / Account Executive

Sugimoto Mizuki


*:Non-NDC staff

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