Architecture for Dogs


“Architecture for Dogs” is a new form of media that represents a very serious approach by architects and designers to the happiness of dogs and people. It started in 2012 in Miami and traveled to L.A., Tokyo, Chengdu, and Kanazawa. The Shanghai exhibition that began in August 2015 featured works by Chinese architect Ma Yansong. This event will continue to travel the world while changing its form in each place.

Art Director

Hara Kenya


Hara Kenya, Misawa Haruka, Okazaki Yuka, Sakai Akane


Yoda Hiroshi, Nacasa & Partners Inc., Rudy Duboue, Lindsey Ingram

Web Designer

Nakamura Yugo


Morita Mizuho

Co-Founded by

Imprint Venture Lab


*:Non-NDC staff