Hara Design Institute is a design think tank.
While we continue to soundly function as an orthodox design office
offering solutions to clients, we'll place equal importance
on proposing possible design projects based on our observations
of society and the world that will lead us to the discovery of new problems to be solved.
While the media environment is changing, communication methods
and the meaning and role of design will undergo drastic change as well.
We work in all possible media and fields, bringing in outside talent and technologies when necessary.
Whether graphic design, architecture, products, websites, books, exhibitions,
hotel direction, urban systems or navigation design, we provide solid, quality solutions.
If our site brings a possibility to mind, please don't hesitate to contact us.
We're happy to work with any kind of organization on any type of project.
Note: Hara Design Institute has a staff of 20, including Kenya Hara.
Every project here begins with vision sharing among all.

Kenya Hara

Designer, Kenya Hara (b.1958) emphasizes the design of both objects and experiences. In 2000, he produced the exhibition "RE-DESIGN--Daily Products of the 21st Century", which successfully presented the fact that the resources of astonishing design are found in the context of the very ordinary and casual. In 2002, Hara became a member of MUJI's advisory board and began acting as its art director. In 2004, he planned and directed the exhibition "HAPTIC - Awakening the Senses" revealing to the audience that great resources of design are dormant in the human senses. Much of his work, including the programs for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Nagano Winter Olympic Games and Expo 2005 is deeply rooted in Japanese culture. In 2007 and 2009, he produced two exhibitions titled "TOKYO FIBER -- SENSEWARE" in Paris, Milan and Tokyo, and from 2008 through 2009, the exhibition "JAPAN CAR" in Paris and at the Science Museum in London. Hara's focus in these kinds of exhibitions is on visualizing and widely disseminating the potentiality of industry. The radius of his activity has been expanding to the rest of Asia as well, including the traveling exhibition "DESIGNING DESIGN Kenya Hara 2011 China Exhibition" that starts in Beijing in 2011. Several books authored by Hara, including Designing Design and White, have been translated into a number of languages, including other Asian languages.
Representative, the Nippon Design Center Inc.
 Professor at Musashino Art University President, Japan Design Committee Co., Ltd. Vice President, Japan Graphic Designers Association Inc.
原 研哉|Kenya HARA
  • Yukie INOUEArt director
  • Kaoru MATSUNOArt director
  • Li CHENGDesigner
  • Eiji MIMADesigner
  • Shimpei NAKAMURADesigner
  • Hiroyuki SAITODesigner
  • Yoshino NIHONYANAGISecretary
  • Fangju CHENDesigner
  • Mizuho MORITAPlanning Manager
  • Ken ISOMECopy Writer
  • Haruka MISAWADesigner
  • Keigo MASUDADesigner
  • Hiroaki KAWANAMIDesigner
  • Taichiro TAKEODesigner
  • Fan YANGCopywriter
  • Nozomi MORISADADesigner
  • Naoko SASAKIDesigner
  • Yuka OKAZAKIDesigner
  • Kanako OHASHIDesigner
  • Kenmei NAGAOKA
  • Noriko IKOMA
  • Chihiro MURAKAMI
  • Maho IKE
  • Sachiko IWABUCHI
  • Kentaro HIGUCHI
  • Izumi SUGE
  • Yuji KOISO
  • Kayoko TAKEO
  • Satoko HINOMIZU
  • Yoshiaki IROBE
  • Yoko IKEDA
  • Yukiyo IEDA
  • Naoko SUZUKI
  • Megumi NOMURA
  • Akiko UEMATSU
  • Rikako HAYASHI
  • Tomoko KISHIMOTO
  • Meiring KOGURE
  • Sawako INO
  • Chiyoko NAMIMA
  • Daigo DAIKOKU
  • Chihiro ARAI
  • Misa AMAKO
  • Mutsumi TOKUMASU
  • Nao UCHIDA
  • Ryo HASUMI
  • Reiko ISHII
  • Yoshifumi NABETA
  • Tomoko KOMAZAWA
  • Sohei Takimi
  • Sayaka KODA
  • Mayumi SANO
  • Junya MAEJIMA

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