The first Setouchi International Festival was held in 2010. In 2013, the exhibition area grew, and the festival became a three-season event: spring, summer and fall. The third festival was in 2016. In the information design, we attach great importance to maximizing visitors' convenience when touring the islands' exhibition sites.


1. Origin of the image Advertising

The Seto Inland Sea is windblown. We summarized the sensation of the refreshing wind that blows around these islands as you tour the show in a fluttering flag as the origin of the image for this art festival. To indicate the different sessions, spring, summer and fall, we matched the color of the flag to that of the sky in that season.

2. Eliciting action Navigation System

Compared to the previous time this triennial festival was held, the official app was much more user friendly and operated more smoothly. By pinching in and out, visitors were guided to their destinations, both general and exact, right down to a specific house. GPS helped people figure out where they were.

3. Holistic information design Applications

Because of the increase in the exhibition period and area, we also enriched the contents of material collateral like the physical folded map and official products, incorporating them with the posters and official app for a well-integrated system that would encourage participants and visitors to want to actively engage with the app and the system as a whole.
Advertising, Navigation System, Applications
AD: Kenya Hara
Ph: Yoshihiko Ueda

D: Kenya Hara, Daigo Daikoku, Hiroyuki Saito, Junya Maejima,
Taichiro Takeo
Cl: Setouchi International Art Festival Executive Committee
Poster Design Cooperation: Yoko Nakano, Saki Igarashi


1. Boat and its wake Advertising

The main visuals in 2016 used a boat motif, symbolizing the joy of wandering around, visiting various islands and artworks. Visuals for spring and summer used pictures of boats and the trails they leave behind them to build a sense of anticipation for a journey to the islands. Autumn visuals evoked a nostalgic feel to communicate the coming of the final season of the art festival by using pictures of wakes with boats no longer visible.

2. App with route searching capability Navigation System

In addition to providing GPS-enabled maps, the official app was equipped with a route searching capability that made it possible to perform a comprehensive search on boat and island bus times. The app was bilingual, providing information in English as well as Japanese so that tourists visiting Japan could find their way around the venue without difficulty.
Advertising, Navigation System
AD: Kenya Hara
P: Yoshihiko Ueda
D: Kenya Hara, Shimpei Nakamura, Risa Muramatsu
App: Hiroyuki Saito
Cl: Setouchi International Art Festival Executive Committee
Poster Design Cooperation: Yoko Nakano, Saki Igarashi