This is the visual identity and packaging for leading Japanese jeweler, MIKIMOTO. The logotype and packaging were created to convey a brand image appropriate for the company's focus on pearls and for its unique position among the world's most celebrated jewelers. The logotype is modern and clear, while retaining a Roman dignity.

1. Brand color Branding

MIKIMOTO's brand color is 'white with expectation'-a color that represents anticipation, singing of happiness about to come to fruition, like a budding flower that has yet to fully bloom. It is an as-yet undeveloped white, rich with potential. Pearls can have various kinds of white. By using a white that can present many different facets, the brand color expresses the rich harvest that will eventually lead to the manifestation of happiness.

2. The glittering waters of Ago Bay Package

The packaging was designed with the glittering surface of Ago Bay as a motif. The surface of the water was expressed through the wrapping paper by using mica-coated paper printed with a water pattern, and through the packaging which uses a leatheresque, embossed material to embody a wavelike pattern.

3. Meticulous detail Applications

We followed through with meticulously detailed design for important communication tools that foster trust in the brand, including stationery and documents such as certificates and information leaflets.
Branding, Package, Applications
AD: Kenya Hara
D: Kenya Hara, Kaoru Matsuno, Eiji Mima, Hiroyuki Sato, Mika Tohmon
PR: Yasuo Hayasaka, Takuro Nishino, Akira Hoshinoya