The policy of JAPAN HOUSE, an overseas program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs aiming to broaden international understanding and support for Japan, is to convey the fascinations of Japan to the world. It aims to get more people throughout the world interested in Japan by gently opening their eyes to the shocking realization of how little they actually know about the country. JAPAN HOUSE stimulates renewed interest in Japan through three hubs-London, Los Angeles, and São Paulo-where complexes incorporate attractions including fine restaurants, galleries, libraries, stores, and theaters.

1. Symbolizing Japan as an empty receptacle Branding

The logo reduces many characteristics of the Japanese aesthetic-meticulousness, carefulness, delicateness, and conciseness-into the simple form of one horizontal character. This is the Japanese symbol for one, a receptacle for grand images allowing for free thinking. It takes in and sublimates everything from a culture steeped in contradictions and numerous interpretations. The shape symbolizes Japan in a simple, subtle way.

JAPAN HOUSE: São Paulo Branding

Kengo Kuma redesigned a former bank building on Paulista Avenue in the center of São Paulo, Brazil, producing a façade created using Japanese kiso hinoki wood and master craftsmanship, as well as an interior space making use of unique interior finishing materials such as aluminum mesh coated with washi paper. The inaugural program attracted people from around the world, enjoying events such as performance art by flower artist Makoto Azuma and live musical performances by Japanese musicians Ryuichi Sakamoto and Jun Miyake.

2. Bringing together the activities of three hubs Website

In addition to communicating its concept and comments by people involved in the initiative, the JAPAN HOUSE website in Japan is designed so that visitors can keep up with activities at the three hubs in London, Los Angeles, and São Paulo.

3. Japan to See Website

Multilingual websites that are beautifully edited and easy to understand were selected and presented as a collection of links. Pictograms were created to categorize the various types of site linked to, making searching simpler.

4. The "SHIN" shop Branding

This logo is for a shop selling Japanese products. It combines strong, thick horizontal lines and delicate text.
CD: Kenya Hara
AD: Kenya Hara
D: Kenya Hara, Kaoru Matsuno, Yukie Inoue, Hiroyuki Saito
Yuka Okazaki, Saiko Kanda, Megumi Ohno, Zhong Xin
C: Kenya Hara, Kyoko Nagase
Ph: Takashi Sekiguchi *, Shimei Nakatogawa
Movie Director: Taiki Fukao
Project manager: Tomohiko Nakashima, Kiriko Misu
PR: Makoto Shirato