TEASURE opened in Beijing in 2017 as a café space for enjoying traditional Chinese teas in an informal setting. Hara Design Institute designed logos, visual identity elements, and packaging, and also handled the space design, design of tableware, and menu direction.

1. A concise typeface VI System

We took a typeface that had emerged naturally in the course of our work, and extended it to include Chinese characters-traditional rather than simplified. The result is a typeface that works very well for the tea brands.

2. Dancing tea leaves Package

These are designs for the packages of tea leaves sold in the cafe. The designs combine the same typeface as the TEASURE logotype with illustrations of tea leaves dancing in hot water.

3. Bamboo Space Design

We focused on bamboo as one of the materials for the interior design. The feel of bamboo is well suited for a space in which people enjoy Chinese teas. And to emphasize Asian delicateness, we made the legs of the tables and chairs as thin as possible.
VI System, Package, Space Design

VI System
AD: Kenya Hara
D: Kenya Hara, Cheng Li
PR: Deng Yu

AD: Kenya Hara
D: Cheng Li
I: Ayumi Nakaue
PR: Deng Yu