Hakkaisan Hakkaisan


1. Junmai daiginjo Kouwa Gura Package

This bottle represents the essence of Japanese saké. It features a label with calligraphy by Kyuyo Ishikawa, and multiple seals with words in the spirit of Hakkaisan. The bottle is designed with a bold look befitting the highest-quality saké in the history of Hakkaisan, representing the pinnacle of the saké brewer's expertise and passion, produced with uncompromising commitment to quality.

2. Magazine advertisements Advertising

These ads were run in the All Nippon Airways in-flight magazine Kingdom of Wings. Targeting dinner tables in all countries, they promote Japanese saké as bringing out the flavor of foods throughout the world, not just Japan.

3. Junmai ginjo, snow-aged 3 years Package

Hakkaisan Brewery Co., Ltd. is located in Minami Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture, the place that gets the highest snowfall in Japan. This Japanese saké is stored for long periods of time using approximately 1,000 tons of snow accumulated in winter as a yukimuro-a giant storehouse of snow serving as a natural refrigerator. The all-white package expresses the round, smooth taste that emerges when matured using snow storage. It features a label with calligraphy by Kyuyo Ishikawa.
AD: Kenya Hara
D: Kenya Hara, Kanako Ohashi

AD: Kenya Hara
D: Nozomi Morisada, Kanako Ohashi
C: Kyoko Nagase, Mariko Hara
P: Takashi Sekiguchi *