Narita Rehabilitation Hospital Narita Rehabilitation Hospital

Narita Rehabilitation Hospital opened in Narita, Chiba Prefecture in 2017. Hara Design Institute designed the visual identity and internal signage for the hospital. The design aims to be relaxed and encouraging to people engaged in exploring their physical capabilities. The architecture is the work of Kengo Kuma.

1. Logo, pictograms, and numerals that are easy on the eyes VI System

The logo, pictograms, and numerals were uniquely designed to be easy on the eyes, with soft shapes that are light and airy.

2. Circular and distance-gauging signage Sign System 1

A circular sign on the floor inside the ground floor entrance serves as an easy guide for patients. Floors and windows are marked with measures of distance so that patients can gauge how far they've walked. The markings on windows also help to prevent patients from colliding into them.

3. Soft navigation signage Sign System 2

Pathside and wall-mounted navigation signage inside the hospital was devised so as to be legible from any direction. White steel panels are bent into shape, and use rounded corners to give a soft impression.
VI System, Sign System
AD: Kenya Hara
D: Haruko Sasa, Ryosuke Kato
P: Nacása & Partners Inc.