MUJI Instant Curry Meals MUJI Instant Curry Meals

MUJI Instant Curry Meals have made their presence felt within MUJI, growing into a product line with over 30 different types. We created graphic art and a website for the curry promotion conducted every summer. The graphics focus on the moment the spoon is dipped into the curry. The curry is represented using a flat solid color, with only the spoon depicted three-dimensionally to make it stand out. A sharp and dark shadow communicates a sense of summer.

Minimal motion to bring out sizzle Website

We brought sizzle to the curry by adding a minimal amount of movement while maintaining the look introduced by the graphics. The website aims to quickly communicate new product information and the product lineup.
Graphic, Website
CD: Kenya Hara
AD: Kenya Hara
D: Kenya Hara, Takehito Goto, Megumi Ohno
C: Kenya Hara, Kyoko Nagase
Web: Takehito Goto
HTML Coding: Takehito Goto
PR: Makoto Shirato