Minna no Mori-Gifu Media Cosmos Minna no Mori-Gifu Media Cosmos

Minna no Mori-Gifu Media Cosmos is a multipurpose facility in Gifu City that was designed by Toyo Ito. It features conference space, studios, and exhibit space on the first floor and a library on the second. In the second-floor library, eleven 'globes'-giant umbrellas made of triaxial woven fabric-hang from the ceiling, with bookshelves radiating outwards around them. The challenge for NDC was to find a way to lead visitors to the bookshelves in such a vast space without walls. Because the first floor was also a wide-open space like the second floor, making it impossible to predict how visitors would move as they entered from entrances at the north, south, east, and west, signage needed to be visible from any direction.

1. Forest of umbrellas Sign System 1

Graphic patterns of nonwoven fabric were applied to the globes, forming the starting points for spatial perception. The application of different graphic patterns to each globe transforms the 'forest of umbrellas' into something that can be easily 'read' and understood.

2. High visibility from all directions Sign System 2

Visitors are greeted with a range of different types of signage integrated with the building space, including a 3D map providing an overview of the entire space, directional signs inlaid into the linoleum in a radial pattern, and circular signs that can be viewed from any direction.

3. Minna no Mori typeface Sign System 3

The signage on the bookshelves uses an attractive, easy-to-read font designed expressly for this facility that we refer to as the Minna no Mori typeface.
Sign System
AD:Kenya Hara
D:Kenya Hara, Hiroaki Kawanami, Yuka Okazaki, Cheng Li, Natsumi Mano
CL:Toyo Ito & Associates, Architects