The process with which homes are built is beginning to change. As remodeling is becoming more common, a growing number of people are able to envision their own home in terms that best suit their lifestyle. Although the kitchen serves an important role as a place to prepare food, it is not a place for doing housework. It's an oasis for life where you can relax and prepare tea, and enjoy conversations with family and friends.

1. Letting the kitchen become part of your living space Product

When brainstorming about kitchen design, we took into consideration shapes and colors that were as natural and unassuming as possible so that they would fit in easily with any lifestyle and space. Charm, beauty, and good material texture are vital in order to impart a sense of satisfaction every time you use it, particularly because you see and use it every day.

2. Living platform Branding

PLAT refers to a kitchen that serves as a platform for living.

3. Live in the kitchen Advertising

Five lifestyles are portrayed to show how 'cooking' can be integrated more closely with the living space to make family time livelier. We propose a new kind of family harmony in which people are freed from rigid role models, and can relax, eating while they cook and cooking while they eat.

4. Interviewing people using Website

On this RICHELLE website, people using RICHELLE PLAT or RICHELLE SI in their homes are interviewed about their lifestyles and about their experience of these kitchens.
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AD: Kenya Hara
D: Hiroaki Kawanami, Hiroyuki Sato

AD: Kenya Hara
D: Kenya Hara, Hiroaki Kawanami, Shimpei Nakamura, Nozomi Morisada, Hiroyuki Sato
Ph: Takashi Sekiguchi *
C: Kenya Hara, Kyoko Nagase
Movie Director: Taiki Fukao
Web Designer: Kohey Shimizu*
CG: Kenichi Hashimoto