Tsukubai Hosun Tsukubai Hosun

The T-room project was held in 2005 at the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa. Naoto Fukasawa worked on machiai [waiting place]; Kenya Hara tsukubai; Toshio Iwai hikari niwa [literally, Light Garden] and Kengo Kuma Tearoom. This is the tsukubai -hosun that Hara made, using super hydrophobic technology. Water droplets that run into a vessel with a very gentle slope spiral slowly, finally disappearing into a hole 3cm square, hosun (a word representing the mind in Zen). The motion of water droplets under gravity is associated with the motion of the universe.

AD: Kenya Hara
D: Kenya Hara, Yoshiaki Irobe
CL: 21st Century Museum Of Contemporary Art Kanazawa