Takeo Takeo

Takeo supplies paper, and with it, a sense of well being. It offers the magnificence of paper as a thing that brings happiness in the very brushing of fiber against fingertip, not just paper as a medium. Takeo makes good paper, wonderful and accessible sample books, and collaborates conceptually with customers on the best ways to use paper.

1. Making Paper Products

Paper has a life span as well. Takeo conceives paper, creates paper and improves upon paper, whether for the purpose of materially making the first pronouncement of a new era or materially preserving the traditions of the past.

2. A Sample Book is an Information Highway Applications

A sample book is an information highway connecting Takeo with its customers, the designers who decide how paper will be used. What is the best way to get a high quality sample book to the designer's workspace? We are designing samples that show the papers' appeal and introduce their treatment, while illustrating the breadth and variety of both.

3. The Little Paper Boy VI VI System

The Little Paper Boy appears in the ancient volume, Book of Trades, by Jost Amman. Once he is set as the corporate mark, we can adjust the colors and density to insure that no matter on what color of paper it appears, it gives a uniform impression.

4. TAKEO PAPER SHOW Advertising

Substantially broadening the uses and possibilities of paper is intrinsically tied to the expansion of the market. The Takeo Paper Show is held to share market expansion with designers, other users and the various people involved in manufacturing technology.

5. PAPER'S Promotion

In this newsletter are published a variety of articles that raise interest in paper and in excellent uses of paper. The information is edited in such a way that as it is being accumulated, an archive of the methods of using paper is created.

6. Takeo Website Website

Takeo’s Website with a wide variety of contents developing around paper whose organization has successfully conveyed the value of paper via beautiful pictures seizing its individuality.