Niki Club Niki Club

Niki Club, a hot spring bed and breakfast and one of the first Auberge Resorts-style properties in Japan, counts among its assets the quality of its hospitality, deliberately designed spaces, guest rooms prepared with scrupulous care, and the grand natural landscape of Nasu. We are working on developing the design of the "Niki font", expected to form the basis of all of Niki Club's design, with the goal of developing the destination with even greater growth and sophistication. The development of the resort's logotype is the beginning of the process.

1. Font Design VI System

We aimed to create a font with a balance between the widths of horizontal and vertical lines, a font which, while fine, exhibits a powerful core so that the very arrangement of the characters is beautiful.

2. Serene Even in Reduction Package

The package design for this original product consists of type and negative space in which all ornament has been stripped away. Even in reduction, there is an elegant air of serenity.
VI System, Package
AD: Kenya Hara
D: Kenya Hara, Mayumi Sano, Kanako Ohashi