ARKRAY arkray

Deeming "precision" as the ideal of the image of a medical testing equipment manufacturer, I strove to epitomize its identity by it. The logo, grounded in grey, is laid out as grandly as possible, with ample negative space. The color grey acts to stifle any air of arrogance, while nurturing composure and rational thinking.

1. Designing Clarity VI System

In addition to products intended for the broader market, there are quite a few intended for specialists. Reliable packaging depends on a concentration on clear and identifiable design.

2. Out of Application Consolidation Package

With the steady development of applications for a broad range of testing and reagent containers comes a consolidation of applications and then a brand identity. Our thorough design management extends to every package and testing tools, no matter how small.

3. That to which we Entrust our Lives Applications

We feel stifled by excessive cleanliness, but for those products in which we entrust our lives, a sense of cleanliness is necessary. If both customers and employees value cleanliness and an atmosphere in which that is cherished is nurtured, trust will only accelerate.
VI System, Package, Applications
AD: Kenya Hara
D: Kenya Hara, Mayumi Sano, Kanako Ohashi