Don't Talk about Colors

This is the 1997 promotional catalog for a product from im [an Issey Miyake line]. Generally, department stores and shops display products by category. This catalog features im products with a single worldview, in which they are interrelated. The catalog was later published as a book. The image originates in the crow from Aesop's fable, The Crow with Borrowed Feathers. The poor hero, who longs to become beautiful, dresses himself in the feathers of a beautiful peacock, but his disguise is eventually discovered. The heroes of fables are always reflections of human beings, and this one is a loveable character. Copy by novelist Munenori Harada.

AD: Kenya Hara
P: Tamotsu Fujii
C: Munenori Harada
D: Kenya Hara, Yukie Inoue
Stylist: Keiko Oikawa
Character Production: Hiroshi Kono, Kazuaki Shimada
CL: On Limits Inc.