「NEO PREISTORIA 100 Verbi:新・先史時代 100の動詞」 ミラノトリエンナーレにて開催中

Apr 15, 2016


The exhibition ' Neo-Prehistory--100 verbs', curated by Andrea Branzi and Kenya Hara,
opened its doors at Triennale di Milano, Italy.
After 20 years Milan Triennale made its come back in 2016,
'Neo-Prehistory' is one of the main exhibition at Triennle.
The exhibition ends on Monday 12th September.

Date: 2nd April--12th September 10:30-20:30 *Closed on Mondays except for the last day.
Venue: Triennale Design Museum, Viale Alemagna 6, 20121 Milano.

Ph: Gianluca Di Ioia