RE-DESIGNーThe Daily Products of the 21st Century


RE-DESIGN was an exhibition held on the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the specialty paper company Takeo. Its goal was the actualization of the reality of re-designs of familiar everyday objects as well as an excitement of the true essence of design. This volume is a record of the exhibition made for release during the exhibition. The pieces were shot against a white background to present them neutrally and the Japanese-language text was written vertically to be understandable.


AD:Kenya Hara
PL:Kenya Hara
PH:Amana Inc./Naoko Hiroishi,Takahiro Kurokawa,Masahiro Gamo,Masayoshi Hichiwa
D:Kenya Hara,Yukie Inoue
ED/Coodinator:Hara Design Institute
CL:Takeo Co.,Ltd