NHK BS Premium Kokorotabi Across Japan


NDC created the advertising posters and PR tools for this popular television program that features actor Shohei Hino as he travels across Japan by bicycle. This year the program is in its 7th season. The posters express the basic concept of the program, which sends the actor on travels based on tips received from viewers. We also produced fliers and clear file folders, with all the materials carefully designed to present the appeal and fun-loving spirit of Shohei Hino.


Japan Broadcasting Corporation

Creative Director

Hirata Natsuki, Nagamune Hironori

Art Director

Hashida Hikaru


Hashida Hikaru


Jyojima Takuya, Katayama Shoko, Akiyama Tomokazu


Kimura Shinsaku, Hoshinoya Akira

2016 2017