Future of Tradition


NDC planned, produced, and conducted the “Future of Tradition” exhibition at the Matsuya Ginza Exhibition Hall. Using the broad-ranging knowledge and experience of the committee members as a starting point, the exhibition presented the actual capabilities and potential of traditional industry in the modern world from a variety of perspectives, focusing on woodworking, bamboo work, metal work, Japanese saké, pottery, blades, paper, dyeing, architecture, and traditional lodges.


Japan Design Committee

Art Director

Hara Kenya


Inoue Yukie, Ohashi Kanako, Uehara Yumi, Sato Hiroyuki

Photographer (still)

Nakatogawa Shimei, Iwasaki Kei

Photographer (movie)

Shimura Kenichi

Movie Direction

Fukao Taiki


Sato Noriyuki, Sato Makiko


*:Non-NDC staff