Tsutaya Books

Tsutaya was the company which established across Japan the style of buying and renting films, music, and books all at a single shop. It is a trendsetting cultural center that provides new lifestyle ideas to the baby boom generation who have been its customers ever since its founding . The visitors which flock here are the new adults of Japan – highly cultured individuals possessed of a youthful sensitivity.
We created a communication design in response to a request for a new kind of comfort to accompany a mature type of marketing.

A clean sweep of information

Beginning from the initial presentation, Nippon Design Center gave careful consideration to creating an atmosphere that would naturally produce polite and respectful communication. We carefully organized the necessary information and created a simple layout, aiming to create a space where visitors can feel a sense of fulfilment just by being there.

The baby boom generation is blessed with both free time and ample means, and despite their appearance as a new consumer group, there are still extremely few suppliers which provide services specifically to please them.This was the reason behind the launch of “Daikanyama T-SITE”
Muneaki Masuda  President, Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd.

Dots and kanji

The same Tsutaya Books name in kanji (Chinese Characters) has been used since the time that Culture Convenience Club was founded in 1983. We decided to transform it into a clearer kanji logo. The VI uses collections of dots to create the logo, and a part of the application is created from a collection of the “T’s” from the façade.

Translucent structures

We conceived of semi-transparent thin structures created by pressing punching metal. They are thin, lightweight, translucent, and can be read clearly from both the front and back. In the first floor bookstore, the signs are positioned in a highly orderly manner, while in the second floor DVD and CD rental area, the signs are large and bold. The signs are easy to read and also blend naturally into the space.

Principles for adults

The first ad presented “persons who read books” as an expression of the respect for adults who live their lives based on principles. The ad copy reads, “Welcome back to books”.

30,000 visitors per day on weekends

Tsutaya Books is located five minutes on foot from Daikanyama Station and faces Old Yamanote Street. It receives 10,000 daily visitors on weekdays and 30,000 on weekends (*results of investigation in June 2012). It has become a central part of the excitement in Daikanyama.

Tsutaya Books as a public library

The operation of a library in Takeo City, Saga Prefecture has been contracted to Culture Convenience Club since 2013. NDC created a communication design package focused on ease of operations, and is supporting CCC as it expands its business of contracted library operations across Japan.

Tsutaya Books VI
VI System, Sign System, Applications

Art Director
Kenya Hara
Kenya Hara, Kaoru Matsuno, Misawa Haruka, Naoko Sasaki
Copy Writer
Ryo Hasumi
Nao Uchida
Web Design
Hiroyuki Saito


Art Director
Kenya Hara
Kenya Hara, Kaoru Matsuno
Yoshihiko Ueda
Copy Writer
Munenori Harada

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