Since the time of our founding, Nippon Design Center has continued to be a publicity and advertising partner to Toyota Motor Corporation.
Through a diverse range of projects spanning CI, advertising campaigns, catalogs, and sales manuals, we are engaged in design that expresses happiness of owning an automobile and the joy of driving. We are now also working on new sales promotions for an age when it is common to acquire information from a wide variety of media including smartphones and tablet PCs.

A meticulous guide

The customers of Toyota Motor Corporation could not be more diverse. Moreover, because cars are an expensive product, a buyer goes through a long and difficult process before making a purchase. The design work of Nippon Design Center focuses on the everyday lives of the target market, and decides what information should be communicated to which persons at each phase of the process. From catalogs to mobile applications, we create the optimal content that transcends barriers of media and devices to contribute to effective sales promotions.

Information agility

Nippon Design Center utilizes its extensive knowledge of automobiles to create applications with information edited to optimize it for mobile tools. By producing content that makes full use of video, we communicate information that goes beyond what still images and text can convey.

Unchanging principles

At present, we create all of the Toyota Motor passenger vehicle catalogs for the Japan market. The importance of the graphic catalog grows when a potential customer considers designs and colors, checks specifications and prices, and nears the final stages of the purchase process.

Feeling the future

This showroom facility gives visitors a real experience of the new relationship between people and automobiles, and of the mobility of the future. Nippon Design Center was involved from the concept stage, and worked on overall direction including space design and exhibit graphics.

Cross-media resources

With the need for more efficient content production, the creation of “one-source, multi-use” content is growing. One of our strengths is our ability to provide efficient advertising resources that transcend media and device barriers.

As the world changes at dizzying speeds, the ability to change is the resource most lacking in Japan at present. This is a car which was born in Japan, has advanced with Japan, and continues to sincerely consider the happiness of the Japanese people. It is also a symbol of confidence and the courage to change. The brilliant and almost unbelievable changes are not just evolution; they send a message to the people of Japan, and demonstrate the power to change to the country.

-- From the Crown “Royal” Series print catalog

The new ruler of the land
The Land Cruiser was developed as the first 4WD vehicle in Japan nearly a half-century ago. Since that time, its powerful offroad performance gathered praise from around the world. This is the Land Cruiser now. The Land Cruiser Prado accelerates the pace of evolution to surpass even the glory of past Land Cruisers. It was made to take you to the ruler’s horizon.

Welcome to the world of the Land Cruiser.
-- From the Land Cruiser Prado print catalog

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