Ichihara Lakeside Museum

The signage plan for the Ichihara Lakeside Museum began with a project to renovate the aging “Museum of Water and Sculpture” that was constructed in 1990.
The VI takes a new look at the area around the museum with its declining population, and highlights the richness of the land. Together with this VI, the signs produce a light and open impression of the rough-worn construction materials that were used in the renovation, and create a bright message that describe an art museum which is working as a center of art to rejuvenate the community.

A symbol representing the lake surface

The shore of placid Lake Takataki is a perfect location, which we expressed with a simple pattern representing the lake surface. The lake surface graphic is also used on museum goods, providing an opportunity for visitors to relive the enjoyment of their experience.

Signs connected by dots

We designed the signs based on pixel graphics which give life to rough materials including coarse concrete surfaces and folded steel plates that are ordinarily used in factories. Dotted white lines connect a variety of walls including corners, curves, and irregular surfaces. These lines serve as excellent guides, and also provide an upbeat rhythm to the spaces.

As a sign… As a monument…

This art object, which bears poems that are connected to the Ichihara area, functions at a distance as a sign for the museum, and as one comes closer it becomes a monument which communicates memories of the land. Visitors are delighted by the changes in its appearance which occur depending on the viewing angle and the time of day.

Ichihara Lakeside Museum

Creative Director
Yoshiaki Irobe
Art Director
Yoshiaki Irobe
Akiko Uematsu, Ryosuke Kato
Tadashi Endo, Shimei Nakatogawa, Takaya Sakano, Masahiro Ihara
Art Front Gallery
Yasuo Hayasaka

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