Tsutaya Shoten (Bookstore)

The Tsutaya Shoten that debuted in Hirakata, Osaka, in 1983, announced itself as a shop offering lifestyle proposals via books, films and music. The Tsutaya Shoten that opened in Tokyo's Daikanyama in 2011 once again faces the generation that frequented its first shop, a generation that has now reached what is called "premium age" (the baby boomers, thought to be blessed with wisdom, ingenuity, time and money), and attempts to design a new way of marketing.

1.Tsutaya Shoten

VI System

The Daikanyama's Tsutaya project is symbolized by the renovation of the logotype, turning the Roman-lettered TUTAYA to the Chinese characters, or kanji for Tsutaya Shoten: 蔦屋書店. The new logotype is easy to read and straightforwardly expresses the beauty of kanji.

2.Translucent Structures

Sign System

By stamping sheet metal, we devised extremely thin, partially translucent signage. Large letters are placed where they can be easily read. This thin, light permeable sign is clearly visible from both front and back.

3.Principles of Adults


The first ad featured an image of a person reading a book, focusing on the dignity of adults who live a principled life. The ad copy, "Welcome back to books", was respectful and courteous, intended for book lovers.

VI System, Sign System, Applications


AD: Kenya Hara

D: Kenya Hara, Kaoru Matsuno, Misawa Haruka, Naoko Sasaki

C: Ryo Hasumi

Pr: Nao Uchida

Web Design: Hiroyuki Saito



AD: Kenya Hara

D: Kenya Hara, Kaoru Matsuno

Ph: Yoshihiko Ueda

C: Munenori Harada