AD:Kenya Hara
D:Kenya Hara,Chihiro Murakami,Maho Ike,Yuji Koiso,Satoko Hinomizu
I:Yumeko Kato(poster)
CL: Matsuya Co.,Ltd

Matsuya Ginza Renewal Project

The renewal of the long standing Matsuya Department was an integrated design project covering a variety of media, ranging from the building's exterior and interior spaces to the wrapping paper, paper shopping bags and advertising. The whole image is unified by the color white.Because a department store is not a virtual shop, but a physical space, which customers take the trouble to visit in order to experience shopping, my goal was to reconstruct the Matsuya Department Store as a tangible medium by incorporating materiality into various stages, allowing for a rich stimulation of the sense of touch, so that visitors would experience "the texture of space".